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Stena Drilling selects Asset Integrity as their POB provider.

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  Personnel On Board (POB), STOP Register, Kick Tracker...

***   Asset Integrity launches new PC based Personnel On-Board software package.   ***
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Asset Integrity have recently added new modules, these modules can work separately or as part of the overall integrated system. Please feel free to test the system by registering for the free trial, however for you to get a real understanding of how the whole system works but for a real understanding email us and we will be more than happy to explain how comprehensive the system really is.

 Personnel On board Logistics (POB)

personnel on boardTrack the arrivals and departures of personnel including their cabins, lifeboat allocation, emergency team membership, complete rig movement reports and much more.
Reports include but are not limited to emergency teams, current on board lists, arrivals and departures in addition to complete excel based auto emailed POB lists when changes are made.
All POB lists remain archived for up to 5 years, more if necessary with full reporting available on the archives.
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 Well Control Kick Tracker (KickTracker™)

well control kick trackerThe well control kick tracker software module, kicktracker, allows rigs to track and complete kick reviews in addition to tracking their ongoing kick drills, with data being stored in a secure time stamped area companies can use the kick software tracker to track, overtime, all kicks and drills.
The module allows rigs to enter the complete well control kick review information, equipment details, operational information, shut in actions, overall recommendations, in addition to who was involved and their responsibilities. Plus allowing for the uploading of attachments for additional comments and any additional completed kick sheets. The software integrates with the POB to allow accurate selections of personnel involved in either a live kick or a kick drill, allowing for the complete tracking of all kicks and drills.


 STOP Card Register

This register is used to record, track, maintain, and analyse all your safety and operational performance on each of your vessels. Extensive up to the minute reports are available in addition to auto emailed daily reports to predefined lists. Detailed information

 High Pressure Hose Register

The High Pressure Hose Register allow companies to track single points of failure, to build up a history of their hoses including replacements, allowing for critical hose marking and reporting, tracking any changes that are made various reports are available within this module.

 Performance Data Reporting

Tracking and recording your daily performance figures ranging from drilling to lost time incidents is only part of the system, it can integrate with our STOP Card Register to allow tracking of positive & negative STOP cards, dropped objects etc.
Reports include weekly individual rig summaries as well as overall fleet summaries and extensive graphing.

 Daily Drilling Reports

The Daily Drilling Reports module is based on the paper based IADC daily reporting system (IADC approval pending), using a module like this can greatly enhance your use of data, with graphical representations of all sections. Automatic emailing of electronically signed off Daily Reports to predefined lists, archiving of data to allow comparisons between vessels and various time frames. The exclusive design also allows for additional report generation to be added seamlessly. STOP card register

 Maintenance Management (CMMS)

The Asset Integrity maintenance management module is a full maintenance scheduling system, building up complete equipment history, tracking breakdowns, spare parts inventory and warranty tracking. This maintenance system allows for auto emailing of schedules due, schedules past due, spares at minimum on hand quantities.
All the above modules can be customized and hosted on your behalf or installed on your own servers. More modules can be added at anytime you request, our robust engine allows for unlimited modules and users. We are committed to providing you with exactly what you want and to this end our development team is always available to create tailor made modules to suit your ongoing requirements.


maintenance management system - cmms

An effective asset integrity management strategy is essential for any new or existing business to avoid the pitfalls of:
recurring failures
reactive maintenance
safety and environmental incidents
production and operating losses
high cost of downtime maintenance
poor moral among maintenance staff
litigation and insurance liability

The powerful, internet based, Asset Integrity software suite, enables you to make proactive decisions with respect to the management of your assets value, the asset lifecycle and asset performance while managing failures and identifying weak points in order to easily and sensibly improve the integrity management and maintenance process in your company.

Unlike older maintenance systems, the solution to asset integrity management becomes multi-dimensional enabling you to test and implement decisions easily, manage them CONSISTENTLY in single or multi-centric facilities AND to evaluate the results in terms of both reliability improvements and bottom line savings on maintenance programming and resource allocation – IN REAL TIME.

Using Asset Integrity improvement processes, the benefits are constantly accrue to the company’s bottom line which, after all, why is we are in business. All levels of an organization can clearly see the path to continuous improvement, where today's performance is leveraged towards increased reliability, cost management and resource efficiency.

Asset Integrity helps you manage the maintenance of your multi-site business CONSISTENTLY, EFFICIENTLY and COST EFFECTIVELY and improves your PERFORMANCE and the CORPORATE IMAGE.


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STOP Register, Hose Registry, KPI Invoicing, IADC Daily Reporting...
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