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Stena selects AI
Stena Drilling selects Asset Integrity as their POB provider.

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   PC based Personnel on board software

PC based Personnel On-Board software (POB).

Asset Integrity have launched a new Personnel On-Board (POB) software package.

Following lengthy consultations between Asset Integrity and the industry, a need for user-friendly, multi-user PC based personnel on-board software, was identified. Industry feedback such as, 'not all rigs have great comm's', 'what happens if the comm's are not available?' and 'we cannot rely on the comm's being able to connect to the internet', was received. Our PC POB software addresses these challenges and can be installed on-board the rig with multiple users having access to a centralized rig installed POB database.

The PC POB has attributes similar to our online offerings, in so far as it is a user-friendly, multi-user PC/Server installed system with user level access rights, extensive reporting and ongoing historical recording of POB's (to meet legislative requirements).

System Features:

  • easy to setup and use on all types of rigs
  • multi-user environment
  • security - multilevel access rights
  • look-up lists to allow for consistent and quick personnel selections
  • the ability to categorize personnel
  • ongoing POB history for all flights and live POB edits - report data locked
  • forward planning - unlimited pending flights
  • default cabin/bunk allocation for regular rig visitors
  • exceptionally user-friendly interface
  • extensive reporting

Live POB

Look up tables

Pending Flight


  • unlimited "per rig" end-user software licensing
  • potential for data integration with other enterprise level information systems
  • runs on standard Windows PC’s and servers
  • use of Microsoft database technologies
  • open architecture to allow for additional functionality and reporting

Some example reports are detailed below: